Urban farm expands to bring healthy produce to York
There is growing success for an urban farm in the City of York.

Why talking about depression is a radical act
Depression is a topic that remains shrouded in silence, yet it’s a condition that has touched millions of people. To bring depression out of the shadows, we just need to talk about it.

Share end-of-life wishes with your loved ones
An editorial by Crystal Stiffler, Your Life Your Wishes Task Force chair. Crystal describes lessons learned from her work as a hospital social worker and personal experience with her mother’s progression with Alzheimer’s disease.

Walk often; walk safely
An editorial by Cori Strathmeyer, YMCA’s Director of Healthy Living and chair of York City’s Eat, Play, Breathe initiative. Cori reflects on her experience of being hit by a car when she was walking and explains the challenges and opportunities for making roads safer for pedestrians and other slower forms of transportation.


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