New Walking Route in York City

May 31, 2018
Nicole Smith, Community Health Specialist, organized the “WalkWorks” route in the city of York.

Lessons to Learn from Veterinarians

April 25, 2018
Nurse Liz Winders considers what can be learned from veterinarians regarding decisions and conversations about end of life care for humans.

National Healthcare Decisions Day

April 10, 2018
The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is promoting National Healthcare Decisions Day (April 16) to inspire, educate and empower the public about the importance of advance care planning.

14 ways one type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug we have

March 27, 2018
Want an all-natural way to lift your mood, improve your memory, and protect your brain against the decline that comes with aging? Get moving.

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Quote of the Week


Preventative elements of exercise are well known to us.  On a very basic level, activity burns calories, so the more we do, the more fat we are burning up.  If we keep food intake constant, our weight will tend to drop.  That, in turn, makes our cells more sensitive to insulin.  This lowers blood sugar and may forestall the development of diabetes.  In patients who already suffer with diabetes, exercise may lower medication needs, thus avoiding some cost and side effects of that medication.

Rob Fawcett MD, MS, retired from family medicine and sports medicine