Get Outdoors York


Some highlights from previous HYCC efforts include:

  •  Get Outdoors York had two successful campaigns geared toward encouraging children and families to get outdoors and explore the county’s parks and trails.  Participants had to follow written clues to locate up to 30 letterboxes—small, watertight containers—hidden in throughout York County.  Each letterbox related to a specific box and contained a unique bug stamp that was applied to the corresponding page in the field guide.

More than 8,200 field guides were distributed as part of the 2008 campaign “Catch the Activity Bug” and 1,200 were returned to be eligible for prizes.  The 2008 campaign received state-wide recognition.  As part of the 2009 campaign “Get Outdoors and Be Creative” more than 8,800 field guides were distributed and 795 were returned to be eligible for prizes.     

  • The efforts of the oral health task force led to the expansion of the Hoodner and Bentzel Dental Centers.
     The housing task force began in 1998 with a mission of increasing the availability of affordable housing and improving housing conditions throughout the county. Following are two reports that resulted from the task force’s efforts.
  • The medical access task force led to the creation of the Healthy York Network