Winter Walking: Tips to Get Moving

Looking for inspiration to get off the couch and go for a walk? It might be cold outside, but a brisk walk might be exactly what you need to rid yourself of cabin-fever. So, take a walk, but first make sure you know how to stay safe and warm. Here are four articles to inspire and help you get started:

  1. Winter Walking: 10 Tips (Weight Watchers)
  2. The Benefits of Outdoor Walking (Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Wisconsin)
  3. 3 Health Benefits of Walking in Winter (Mother Nature Network)
  4. No excuses: How to layer up for walking in cold weather (Harvard Health Publishing)

Now that the days are getting longer, try fitting in a walk while the sun is still shining.  Your neighborhood might be ideal or, if you have more time, check out one of York County’s parks or these other great options.